Volt-Stick 115042

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RS PRO Volt-Stick SOUND Non Contact Voltage Detector, 230V ac to 1000V ac.

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Volt Stick is a pen style non-contact voltage detector from our high quality RS PRO brand. Able to safely check the presence of an AC voltage within cables, wall sockets and fuses junction boxes, conveniently no current flow is needed for operation.

Ergonomically designed the tester features a convenient battery cap, soft curved grip for comfort, with a clip for pocket or tool bag storage. Other features include a visible LED, acoustic buzzer and auto power off saving essential battery life.

Features and Benefits:

• Tip glows red and the audible sounder activates when a voltage is detected
• Locates breaks in cables
• Detects blown fuses inside plugs or fuse holders
• Distinguish between live and neutral wires in both single and 3 phase supplies
• Identifies voltage-carrying cables in junction boxes
• Identifies faulty inline switches
• Locates faulty lamps in series connections
• Complies with IEC 61010-1 CAT III 1000 V
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